Rubber Wheel Stopper (K GARD)

KGARDs are specially built kerb stoppers or wheel stoppers.


Dual-function yellow coloured UV-resistant reflective cover strip covers the fixing accessories, giving smooth and attractive appearance.


*Other sizes can also be manufactured against orders.

 KGARDs are designed to cover the complete width of individual car parks. KGARDs are also laid as two pieces of shorter lengths, as per photographs shown. However, length of each unit shall be as per customer requirements. Countersunk holes shall be drilled on the top.

Bolt sizes

M10 / MI 2 Bolts with anchors. Length of bolt to be decided based on anchor type.

However, as a standard, we recommend UNIFIX anchors with bolt length 75 to 80 mm.


Mark the hole locations.

To drill holes on the floor using suitable drill bit. 

Locate the KGARD and fasten the same using anchor bolts. 

Cover the top side of the KGARD with yellow coloured reflective strip.


  • Easy installation.
  • Floor preparation is not required as installation is done with mechanical anchors.
  • Can be installed after the floor coating and traffic markings.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Longer life.