Expansion Joint Cover for Car Park


ORF Compression Seals EJS WW / EJS HDD SERIES are preformed elastic joint seal manufactured in high impact and wear resistant synthetic rubber, installed with lubricant adhesives. Properly installed ORF Compression Seals provides permanent seal for any type of construction joints including parking decks, residential buildings and bridges.

The special web design in the seals allows to exert a continuous and uniform force against the joint walls.

ORF Compression Seals are proven to be effective and efficient in extreme conditions caused due to differential movements of the structures and impact caused due to vehicular/pedestrian/thermal/ seismic movements.

Product Features

  • Cost effective solution in regular use over 25 year

  • Accommodates joint opening ranging from 25mm till 150mm

  • Manufactured in various colours

  • Flat and wrinkled top surface accommodates smooth riding and accommodates movements

  • No mechanical anchors or metal components

  • Product installed by compressing the seal into joints.


  • Car Park Decks

  • Pedestrian Walkways

  • Bridges
Above referred sizes are indicative.
Other sizes can be manufactured against order.