Expansion Joint Cover for Car Park


ORF POLYFLEX is a one side hinged, rubber reinforced with steel elements that is ideal for pedestrian walkways, slow speed vehicular traffic areas etc. The system designed with anti-slip grooves reduces potential trip hazards and minimize noise caused due to vehicular movements. Independent steel reinforcements are integral part of the product that allows movements in response to vertical displacements between the opposite concrete slabs. In addition the metal plates provided in the center provides high load openings.


EJS WB1 compression seals are also used between the joint opening making the product water tight

Product Features

  • Specially designed independent steel reinforcements in POLYFLEX TRI encapsulated in rubber features flexibility and high load bearing capacity.

  • Thickness of steel inserts on Polyflex joint covers are designed based on joining openings and load values.

  • Steel encapsulated in rubber eliminates noise caused due to vehicular movements.

  • High tensile synthetic rubber combined with steel protects the material from deterioration.

  • Direct bolting of POLY FLEX joints to the concrete slab on one side


  • Pedestrian Walkways

  • Stadium
  • Car Parks
  • Bridge walkways
  • Airports
  • Trench cover
Above referred sizes are indicative.
Other sizes can be manufactured against order.