Rubber Corner Guard (COLGARD)

COLGARD are extruded profiles manufactured from high impact-resistant rubber, designed to protect the corners of the columns. COLGARDs are specially formulated to resist harsh weather conditions. The special blend of formulation also helps COLGARD to withstand damages caused by collisions as well as abrasions. COLGARDs are available with or without steel backing plates of various wing lengths as per table below:

Other sizes can also be manufactured against orders.
CL — with steel backing plates (galvanised iron or aluminium)
AD – without clips (Adhesive type)

Standard sizes

The standard lengths of the COLGARD ranges from 1.0 meter to 1.2 meters. However, on request, CL range of COLGARDs can be supplied upto a maximum length of 2400 mm per pc and AD type COLGARD in a maximum length of 6000 mm per pc.


The COLGARD-CL range is mounted on metal backing plates which are screwed/bolted onto the columns. Holes are drilled on metal clips on each face at equal intervals in a staggered pattern so that the bolt ends do not meet. Similar holes on the columns are also drilled and fastened onto the columns by means of screws/bolts.

The COLGARD-AD range is glued onto the columns with proper adhesives. To ensure proper and permanent fixation, fasten the COLGARD-AD with suitable screws and washers.

Screw/Bolt sizes

M5/M6 Screws with suitable plastic plugs and washers.
M6/M8 bolts with anchors.