Cable Protection Guard

CABGUARDs are cable protectors which are durable, economical and convenient for protecting cables for offices, lobbies, pathways, exhibition halls and for any other similar suitable application. CABGUARDs are made of heavy duty rubber to protect the cable from damage and keeps the cable concealed and intact, giving the surroundings a clean appearance.

Colour Choice: Black, Grey, Blue, Green


Base width of 100mm height at the centre, tapering towards the two ends with 30mm x 10mm provision for cables. Maximum size of cable is 8mm dia. Any other sizes of CABGUARD can be made to order on specific request.


Projected lines along the length on the top side gives good resistance and appearance to CABGUARD. The design of CABGUARD makes it ideal in appearance without obstructing movements.


The base centre line of CABGUARD to be split, cables inserted and closed and stuck on the ground with a double sided tap.

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