Rubber Wall Guard (EGARD)

EGARDs are manufactured from high impact resistant rubber and can be fixed horizontally or vertically onto flat or curved surfaces. EGARDs are designed to protect round section columns and walls in the parking area.

EGARDs are chemically resistant to harsh weather conditions. The special blend of the formulation makes EGARD withstand damages caused by collisions as well as abrasions.

Standard sizes

EGARD can be supplied as per customer specification and could be manufactured upto a maximum length of 12 meters.


Fixing holes are drilled with a maximum center pitch of 600mm. Fixings in the two channels of the profile should be in a staggered pattern as illustrated. Place the EGARD onto the surface and drill corresponding holes on the surface. EGARD may then be secured by means of steel anchors or other fixings appropriate to the substrate.


The rubber material used for the manufacture of the COLGARD and EGARD is designed for an expected life of five to ten years. They are also designed to resist abrasion, impact, ozone, oxidizing conditions and atmospheric heat.


Standard colour of EGARD is Black. However, EGARD could be produced in other colours like Blue, Green, Offwhite, Grey on request