Expansion Joint Cover for car park


EJS HD REJ series are compression seals are installed between concrete slabs in order fo isolate stresses to concrete beds caused due to drying and shrinkage during thermal expansion / contraction, traffic movements, etc. The joint seals are also water fight preventing water leakage.

Product Features

  • Manufactured from High grade EPDM / Neoprene rubber.

  • Product moulded with steel reinforcement making product highly durable.

  • Heavy Duty joint seal, ideal for car park driveways with heavy vehicular movements

  • Product designed with compression seals allowing vertical and horizontal movements

  • Compression seals are squeezed between the joints making the joints water tight.

  • Flush to floor finish levels

  • The assembly shall be directly anchored to the floor with mechanical anchors.

  • Steel encapsulated inside the rubber eliminates noise caused due to vehicular movement

  • Resistant to UV light or radiation.

  • Optional EPDM water proofing membranes can be installed between the joints.

  • Elongation — 400 % Tensile strength 150 kg /cm2.

Above referred sizes are indicative.
Other sizes can be manufactured against order.