Expansion Joint Cover


ORF Expansion Joint Cover IJS SJC series is manufactured from heavy duty T6063 Aluminium alloy and are designed to withstand impact and wear caused due to Trolley or Pedestrian movements.

IJS SJC series Expansion Joint Covers are installed between ceramic files marbles, Concrete pavers or any other type recessed flooring. Product manufactured in Floor to Floor and Floor to wall type designs

Product Features

  • PAN type joint cover suitable for SEISMIC movements and THERMAL movements

  • Joint opening range – from 50mm until 400mm

  • Cost effective design -in regular use over 25 years

  • Product designed to POP-OUT in case of abnormal movements during SEISMIC activities

  • Rubber Strips on both sides of the joint cover assembly, shall accommodate thermal movements

  • Rubber strips can be supplied in various colours matching the tile colours or the wall colours

  • Product designed with load bearing plate in the center. Bearing plate thickness can range from 3mm until 8mm depending on load values

  • The assembly can be directly anchored to the floor with mechanical anchors. For Water-tight requirements ORF compression seals EJSWB & EJSWBI series and EPDM moisture barrier may be applied.


  • Shopping Malls

  • BoH service corridor

  • Pedestrian Walkways or bridges

  • Stadiums

  • Airports

Above referred sizes are indicative.
Other sizes can be manufactured against order.