Interior Expansion Joint Cover


Ocean Interior Joint Seals are installed between the ceramic files, marbles or any other type of tile flooring in order to isolate stresses to concrete beds caused due to drying and shrinkage during thermal expansion / contraction, traffic – movements etc. EPDM Membranes can be installed between the joint seals to prevent water leakage.

Product comprises of aluminium angles on both sides with Neoprene / EPDM profiled elastomer in the centre.

Product Features

  • Suitable for joint width from 25mm upto 75mm.
  • Profile designed to withstand thermal and seismic movements.
  • Secured installation with perforated aluminium channels or fasteners.
  • Snap-fit design for easy onsite assembly.
  • Flush to floor finish levels.
  • Easy to install and replace, if required.
  • Optional water stop arrangements with EPDM membranes installed between the aluminium angles.
  • Available in Grey / Offwhite / Black. Other Colors on request.


  • Suitable for joint width from 25mm to 75mm
  • Internal tiled Floor to floor and wall to wall
  • Pedestrian walkways and bridges
Above referred sizes are indicative.
Other sizes can be manufactured against order.