Building Protection (BuildSafe ®)

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Quality Control

Rubber is compounded in internal mixers, the quality is monitored round the clock by continuously testing samples for their physical properties and chemical characteristics. Every ingredient is checked and monitored regularly, in-process inspection conducted at various stages of production, performance tests and final inspection carried out. The products of ORF are certified to meet the most demanding requirements in civil construction, oil & gas, infrastructure, marine, and military applications.

Laboratory Testing

The laboratory is equipped with computerised facilities to test the properties of rubber according to ASTM, BS, and other international standards. The laboratory plays a crucial role in implementing quality as well as developing new products. Test certificates are issued by the laboratory on request.

Rubber Processing

Different grades and types of rubber, both synthetic and natural, are processed in internal mixers. Mixing is done under controlled conditions and parameters to ensure homogeneity and quality of rubber compounds such as natural rubber, polychloroprene (neoprene) rubber, EPDM rubber, butyl rubber, styrene butadeine rubber (SBR), nitrile rubber, and viton. Polyurethane is mixed separately.


Injection and compression moulding departments manufacture products such as bearing pads and expansion joints for bridges & earthquake-resistant buildings, track pads for armored vehicles, pipe seals for sewage and other media, fender systems for ports & jetties. The extrusions department produces various types of profiles, lining department undertakes external coating of riser pipes and internal lining of vessels, tanks, pipes, etc., for handling media such as acids, sea water, oils, etc. The polyurethane department produces technically advanced products using thermoplastics / thermosets.

Support Facilities

Machine shop, fabrication shop, blasting & painting facilities functioning round the clock enables the factory to provide efficient service to customers.

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Rubber Wheel Stopper (KGARD) 


KGARDS are specially built kerb stoppers or wheel stoppers.


Dual-function yellow colored UV-resistant reflective cover strip covers the fixing accessories, giving smooth and attractive appearance.


KGARDs are designed to cover the complete width of individual car parks. KGARDs are also laid as two pieces of shorter lengths. However, the length of each unit shall be as per customer requirements. Countersunk holes shall be drilled on the top.

Bolt Sizes

M10 / M12 Bolts with anchors. Length of bolt to be decided based on anchor type. However, as standard, we recommend UNIFIX anchors with bolt length 75 to 80 mm.


  • Mark the hole locations
  • Drill holes on the floor using suitable drill bit
  • Locate the KGARD and fasten the same using anchor bolts
  • Cover the top side of the KGARD with yellow colored reflective strip




* Other sizes can be also be manufactured against orders.


  • Easy installation
  • Floor preparation is not required as installation is done with mechanical anchors
  • Can be installed after the floor coating and traffic markings
  • Easy maintenance
  • Longer life

 Rubber Speed Hump / Speed Guard

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SPEED HUMPs are speed breakers designed for controlling the speed of vehicles. Speed Breakers are used in roads, vehicle pathways in parking area of buildings, service stations, vehicle testing centers, etc.


SPEED HUMP comprises of individual units length as per table below, arranged alternatively in black and yellow colors.   Two end pieces are provided for each length of Speed Breakers, except for extruded design.   Reflective eyes are provided on both traffic approach sides, red and green respectively, except for extruded design.




Bolt sizes

M10/12 Bolts with anchors. Length of bolt be decided based on the anchor type. However, as standard, we recommend UNIFIX anchors with bolts length 50 to 60 mm.


Mark the hole locations. Drill holes on the floor using suitable drill bit. Locate the Speed Hump / Speed Guard and fasten the same using anchor bolts.   advantages   – Easy installation. – Floor preparation is not required as installation is done with mechanical anchors. – Can be installed after the floor coating and traffic markings. – Easy maintenance. – Longer life. – Extruded design is provided with three yellow colored UV-resistant cover strips on the top covering the fixing accessories.

Rubber Corner Guard (Colgard)

COLGARDs are extruded profiles manufactured from high impact-resistant rubber, designed to protect the corners of columns. COLGARDs are specially formulated to resist harsh weather conditions. The special blend of formulation also helps COLGARD to withstand damages caused by collisions as well as abrasions. COLGARDs are available with or without steel backing plates of various wing lengths as per table below:



*Other sizes can also be manufactured against orders.

  • CL – with steel backing plates (galvanised iron or aluminium)
  • AD – without clips (Adhesive type)


Standard sizes

The standard lengths of the COLGARD ranges from 1.0 meters to 1.2 meters. However, on request, CL range of COLGARDs can be supplied up to a maximum length of 2400 mm per pc and AD type COLGARD in a maximum length of 6000 mm per pc.


The COLGARD-CL range is mounted on metal backing plates which are screwed/bolted onto the columns. Holes are drilled on metal clips on each face at equal intervals in a staggered pattern so that the bolt ends do not meet. Similar holes on the columns are also drilled and fastened onto the columns by means of screws/bolts.


The COLGARD-AD range is glued onto the columns with proper adhesives. To ensure proper and permanent fixation, fasten the COLGARD-AD with suitable screws and washers.


Screw/Bolt sizes

  • M5/M6 screws with suitable plastic plugs and washers
  • M6/M8 bolts with anchors


  • Easy installation
  • Easy maintenance
    • Longer life
    • Corner guards can also be manufactured in various colors

    Rubber Wall Guard (Egard)

    EGARDs are manufactured from high impact resistant rubber and can be fixed horizontally or vertically onto flat or curved surfaces. EGARDs are designed to protect round section columns and walls in the parking area. EGARDs are chemically resistant to harsh weather conditions. The special blend of the formulation makes EGARD withstand damages caused by collisions as well as abrasions.



    Standard sizes

    EGARD can be supplied as per customer specification and could be manufactured up to a maximum length of 12 meters.



    Fixing holes are drilled with a maximum centre pitch of 600mm. Fixings in the two channels of the profile should be in a staggered pattern as illustrated. Place the EGARD onto the surface and drill corresponding holes on the surface. EGARD may then be secured by means of steel anchors or other fixings appropriate to the substrate.



    The rubber material used for the manufacture of the COLGARD and EGARD is designed for an expected life of five to ten years. They are also designed to resist abrasion, impact, ozone, oxidizing conditions, and atmospheric heat.



    Standard color of EGARD is black. However, EGARDs could be produced in other colors like blue, green, offwhite, and grey on request.

    Steel Bollard


    Steel bollards are used to guard fragile areas or corner locations on the roads, car parks and other industrial segments. Steel bollards are manufactured in various designs with various type of materials.

     Types of bollard:

    • Mild steel straight bollards
    • Mild steel U bollards
    • Mild steel U plate bollards
    • Mild steel crash guards
    • Stainless steel bollards
    • Rubber coated steel bollards


    Standard color of the mild steel bollard is black and yellow. However, other color combinations can be made against orders. Stainless steel bollards can also be supplied in matt finish and mirror finish.



    *Other sizes can also be manufactured against order.



    Dock Bumper

    Dock Bumpers are moulded/extruded profiles manufactured from high impact-resistant rubber, designed to protect the walls of loading/unloading bays, installed either vertically or horizontally on the wall. Holes shall be pre-drilled on the bumpers as per requirements.

    D Bumpers   Square Bumpers  Laminated Dock Bumpers



    Square Bumpers

    BS Chart 7

    Laminated Dock Bumpers



    Internal Protection System





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    Technical Information





    Vinyl Corner Guards



    Rubber Corner Guards


    Technical Information




    ORF Elastomeric Bearings

    Bearing pads transfer loads or accommodate relative movement between a superstructure and its supporting sub-structure, or both uniformly. Bearing pads are available in various types depending on the area of application. Types listed below:

    Sliding Type Bearing Pads (Frictionless Bearing Pads)

    Plain Elastomeric Bearing Pad

    Laminated Elastomeric Bearing Pads (Steel Reinforced)


    B. Pad2

     B. Pad3 (1)

    Sliding type bearing pads (Frictionless Bearing pads)

    Sliding type bearing pads are provided where there is a requirement of higher translation with respect to available area in the abutment, especially in large malls or airports where spans are very wide and the relative translations are more.

    PTFE sheets with mirror finished stainless steel plates are used for obtaining the desired result of higher translations. PTFE is either chemically bonded or fixed using adhesives to the top portion of the bearing pads. Bearing pads are either plain or reinforced with respect to the loads defined.


    Plain elastomeric bearing pad

    Plain elastomeric bearing pads are solid blocks of rubber without any steel reinforcement plates. They are predominantly used where there is low pressure of loads and static conditions. Plain elastomeric bearing pads are simple, low-cost rubber separation strip capable of carrying compressive loads, and providing limited translational capacity. They have a varied application in prefabricated structures.


    Laminated elastomeric bearing pads (steel reinforced)

    Laminated elastomeric bearing pads can accomodate movement in any direction and rotational movement about any axis by elastic deformation. Usually used where bridges are susceptible to high loading, high translation and rotations. Alternate layers of steel and rubber are vulcanised together to attain the desired load bearing capacity. Laminated bearing pads are manufactured as per requirement at the abutments.

    Electrical Resistant Matting (Elmat)

    Tested up to 45,000 volts


    ELMATs are electrical resistant rubber mattings. ELMAT is made of special quality rubber to resist shocks and are used in control rooms, switchboard panel basements, electrical machinery rooms and other similar areas.


    ELMATs are 1 metre wide and 10 metre long rolls having projecting square grooves

    Minimum base 6mm thickness as per BS standard specifications


    • Projection along the length of 2mm thickness x 3mm width spaced at 10mm gap makes the matting very attractive and slip-free.
    • The total thickness of the matting is 8mm.


    ELMATs can be placed directly onto the floor or can be stuck with rubber cement solution.

    *Other sizes can also be manufactured on request.

    Cable Protection Guard

    CABGUARDs are cable protectors which are durable, economical, and convenient for protecting cables for offices, lobbies, pathways, exhibition halls, and for any other similar suitable application. CABGUARDs are made of heavy duty rubber to protect the cable from damage and keeps the cable concealed and intact, giving the surroundings a clean appearance.


    Color choice

    • Black
    • Grey
    • Blue
    • Green


    • Base width of 100mm height at the centre, tapering towards the two ends with 30mm x 10mm provision for cables.
    • Maximum size of cable is 8mm dia.
    • Any other sizes of CABGUARD can be made to order on specific request.


    Projected lines along the length on the top side gives good resistance and appearance to CABGUARD. The design of CABGUARD makes it ideal in appearance without obstructing movements.


    The base centre line of CABGUARD to be split, cables inserted and closed and struck on the ground with a double sided tap.


    Rubber Pipe Supports

    Construction Features

     Very high load bearing capacity

     Dimensionally accurate as each piece is moulded

     Tongue and groove design on the joints

     Excellent resistance to distortion/vibration

     Available with steel reinforcements for higher sizes

    Technical Data

    • Density: 1400 kg/m³

     Thermal Conductivity: 0.16w/m°C

    • Fire resistant (self extinguishing) rubber inserts also available on request


    • Used at the supporting points of insulated pipes to prevent crushing of insulation

    • Inherently superior to wood

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    Rubber Gaskets



    List of Major Projects

    Buildsafe ® Building Protection System

    United Arab Emirates

     Dubai International Airport Phase II, Cargo Village, Duty Free Warehouse

    • Dubai International Finacial Center – GATE and Precinct Buildings

    • ETISALAT – Kifaf Tower Sheik Zayed Road, Hor Al Anz, Bur Dubai

    • EMAAR – Dubai Mall

    • EMAAR – Burj Khalifa Boulevard Parking

    • EMAAR – Burj Residences

    • EMAAR – Address Hotel

    • EMAAR – Dubai Marina – Phase I and II

    • TECOM – Multi Store Car Park at Media City

    • TECOM – Knowledge Village Phase I and Academic City

    • Jumeirah Beach Residences Sector 1 to 7

    • Nakheel – Discovery Gardens Phase 1 and 11

    • Nakheel – Palm Jumeirah Kempinski Hotel, Tiara Residences Golden Mile

    • Nakheel – Jumeirah Lake Towers Car Park Buildings, Saba Tower I, II, III

    • Abu Dhabi International Airport Expansion Terminal Car Park

    • Abu Dhabi International Airport – Presidential Flight

    • Etihad Towers Abu Dhabi

    • Nation Towers Abu Dhabi

    • Central Market Redevelopment Abu Dhabi

    • Emirates Regent Pearl Abu Dhabi

    • Reem Island, DAMAC Oceanscape

    Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    • King Abdullah Economic City, Rabiq

     Dal Al Qibla, Madeena

    • King Abdullah Financial District, Riyadh

    • ITCC, Riyadh

    State of Qatar

    • Barwa Financial District

    • Qatar Silhouette Tower

    • Hyatt Plaza Shopping Mall

    • Calgary University

    • College Of North Atlantic



     Cairo Festival City